The automatic dosing systems for liquid chemicals definitively solve the issue of feeding the drums. The main reasons for introducing automatic feeding systems for liquid chemicals are: the homogeneity of production, the reduction of errors, improvement the workplace safety, reduction of the working times and ultimately the improvement of the quality of the leather. The systems can be supplied with various configurations and different levels of automation in order to satisfy the most varied needs. Simpler systems require more operator intervention, while systems with a higher level of automation allow complete management of the various chemical feeding phases (transfer from storage tanks, weighing, dilution, mixing, transfer to the waiting tank, cleaning both the dosing module and the pipes, and transferring into the drum), drastically reducing operator time and the possibility of error.

Basically, the systems are divided into: systems that dose liquid products by weighing, and systems that dose chemical products – which do not require dilution – by volume.

By interfacing these systems with Leonardo software, automation and almost total control of the drum processes can be achieved.