Multiple testing drums

Italprogetti’s multiple testing drums are used to experiment, test and compare the chemicals that when developed can be used tannery production drums. The machine structure can accommodate different sizes of small drums to meet customer requirements and can be supplied in stainless steel, polypropylene or Plexiglas. The control panel is equipped with software to enable the operator to program up to 100 working cycles by setting temperature, rpm, working time, pause and total run time.

Laboratory dosing modules

According to type and characteristics of the chemicals to be utilised, Italprogetti can offer different solutions for a very high precision of dosing, This allows for the testing of new recipes and treatment in order to assess the repeatability when moved in to main production. They are an advanced and reliable tool and extremely important to any R&D department.

Suction Hoods

Italprogetti’s laboratory suction hoods protect the operator against the accidental inhalation of fumes and dust that can sometimes be generated during the mixing of chemicals generally used in tanning processes. Equipped with high efficiency filters, they can significantly reduce the risk of air intoxication during laboratory tests.